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Trailer Genset

17Kva - 220Kva

Cummins CPG Generators on trailer from Generator Solutions AS

Delivered from 17Kva and up to 220Kva on trailer for car.

Supplied with 230 and 400 volts with Vender or constant voltage.

The size that can be delivered is:
17Kva 22Kva X2,5 Cummins engine
33Kva 38Kva X3,3 Cummins engine
44Kva 55Kva and 66kva 4B 3.3 Cummins Motor
90Kva 110Kva 150Kva and 170Kva 6BT 5.9 Cummins Motor
175Kva 200Kva and 220Kva QSB7 Cummins Motor

Of selectable equipment:
* Engine heater
* Battery charger
* PMG magnetization of Generator
* Synchronizing parallel drive controls (Delivered from 150Kva)
* Double-walled diesel tank
* Remote start * 125/63/32/16 Amp connector

All generators are delivered on Registered trailer chassis approved for 80km / h on public road.
(not motor gear)